My favorite things

My two favorite things are christmas and The Twilight Saga By Stephenie Meyer I think they are great books and good movies If I had to choose a favorirte book it would be eclipes if I had to choose my favorite movie it would be Breaking Dawn.



My favorite season is winter because it is a time where you get to build snow forts and at home snowball fights and I get to spend time with my family and I get to help decorate the house with many very pretty christmas decoration and I get to help pick the christmas tree and put raindeer food on the ground. As for santa we all put milk and cookies and maybe 3-4 carrots for the raindeer and her is my favorite christmas picture. 

All about my family!

In my family I have two brothers and there names are Brandon  and Christian and my sisters name is Kaylee and my moms name is Krista I love my family so much I am protective of them and if they  need my help I will always be there even if they are grown up I will always love them but now I have to tell you that my family is so imbaressing. Everyday when I came home from school they would say a guys name that they now I like and then they would say have you been kissing them under the sun and I would say no!!!! but they would continue to do it so adventually I learned to just ignore it and not let it bother me. My family is sopportive when it comes to sports and they love me and I love them so thats my family.


HALLOWEEN and how fun it is


Halloween is my favorite time of the year because you get to dress up use fake blood and you get lots and lots of free candy I love candy even though it is bad for you I still love candy. Halloween is a fun time to enjoy with friends and family. Well that is my perspective on halloween have A Fangtastic friday.
  • ANDY


my favorite food is can u guess pizza I like pizza because it is yummy i also   like grapes because they remind me of  when they are dried out into raisens because they remind me of old people bet it is also donated to yes UNICEF it helps the people that do not have food.

digital footprint

a digital foot print is where you are born and it is put in the computer and it saves somewhere in the world and then they bring it up and it is stuck from when you are born and until you die but it will stil be stuck in the world because you still are saved somewhere out in the world.

By Andy

digital citizenship

hello world i am going to talk about digital citizenship

digital citizenship is about being a friend to people online because if you make a website about someone is because they will either tell the teacher or call the police or just tell their parents because now everyone is making fun of themand they dont like it and neither would you because then people are making fun of you.

i would never make a website about someone and make fun of them because then they can make a website about me and i would not like it either so be a friend not a bully or a bystand.

By Andy

my ten favorite places i would like to visit

my ten favorite places are:

tiwan: i would like to visit tiwan because i would love to see there colture and would love to see what they do what they live and where they go to school and what they learn in school.

 asia: i would like to go to asia for the same reason and to learn the diffrent laungages that asia people speak because it will be usfull so if i go to asia.

 china: the reason why i want to go to china is to try there food because it is suppose to be awsome and it is also soppose to be delisiouse and it is soppose to be the home of the dragon

mongolia: the reason why i would like to go to mongolia is because it sounds like a good place to go and visit because it could be fun there.

india: the reason why i would like to go to india is for the shopping and to pet an elephent i love elephents they are awsome.

egypt: i would like to go to egypt because of the pyrimides and the pharo to learn about how old you have to be to work and what happens if you dont work.

australlia: the reason why i would want to go to australlia is to all the diffrent animals like bald phython giraffe gorillas ect and i would love to see all there beuatiful rain forest.

chad: the reason why i would like to go to chad because it sounds peacful and it might just be a good spot to relax and visit.

spain: the reason why i would like to go to spain is because of some of the famouse art work that was painted down in spain and there diffrent clothes.

the ocean: i would love to see the many diffrent oceans and where the explorers exploared because it is an a historic land mark to many people.






A year in my town

In my town we have the four seasons.

In spring is when all the plants start to grow and it is nice and it has a good breeze. We love to help our parents plant we love to play with our friends and we love to sing and dance then but we are still in school then we go to summer. In summer it is really hot out but we all play as friends and we dont have to go to school and we can play all day have bond fires but we can all play together as friends with not mush fightingv and not many problems then we go on to fall. Fall is a good season it mabey a littel chilly but we all get to play in leaves but in fall we get to go out for halloween my favorite thing in fall because we all get lots of candy to eat then we  get to go to the fair with all the rides and candy and clothes that you can buy then we finaly go on to winter. in winter it is freezing cold you  can barrly feel your toes but you get to make snowmen make forts and have good old snow ball fights make snoww angels and we all get to celebrate christmas where we get presents.